*** SOLD! ***
Length: 5-3/4"
Bowl Height: 2"
Chamber Diameter: 7/8 conical"
Chamber Depth: 1-5/8"
Airhole: 5/32"
Weight: 49.0 grams

Notes: The first of a series of pipes dedicated to the USS North Carolina, which is under restoration at Wilmington, NC. The wooden collar on the acrylic stem of this pipe is made of teak from the original decking of the battleship. Stamped "NC" in addition to my usual nomenclature, this grade B sandblast is $25 above my regular price point for the grade; $25 from the sale of each of these pipes will be donated to the battleship's restoration fund. A light-weight pipe for its size, the sandblast on this pipe shows nicely detailed rings. The usual delrin tenon is hidden in the stem by the teak wood. The acrylic is probably too light to be considered battleship grey, but you get the idea...