*** SOLD! ***
Length: 6-1/4"
Bowl Height: 1-9/16"
Chamber Diameter: 3/4"
Chamber Depth: 1-1/4"
Airhole: 5/32"

Notes: A patriotic pipe for the unabashed! A rich red stain over symmetrical straight grain with a slight flame backsweep. Transparent blue acrylic stem with a deer-antler collar to disguise the delrin tenon. There is a small flaw in the crease where the shank meets the bowl, a pit on the underside of the shank a bit south of the stamp, and a tiny pit on the left side of the bowl near the top which is visible when the light catches it. Two flecks in the bird's-eye on top. None of these are apparent save on close inspection. The overall grain and the clarity of the red stain are exceptional on this pipe, IMO. Should harmonize well with straw hat and bunting.